Amanda Trotman

Accredited Counsellor in Jersey Channel Islands

07797 732867

What to Expect

I understand that at the first session you are likely to feel a little nervous about what is going to happen. Therefore, this first meeting is an assessment of where you are in your life and where you would ideally like to be. This will enable us to come up with an appropriate treatment plan for your specific wants and needs.

I work from a Person-Centered approach, largely influenced by the work of Carl Rogers who believed everyone was born with innate potential to be everything they can be. It's just that often, we get lost along the way and that innate part of ourselves can take a little time to rediscover and reconnect with.

I will not tell you what to do; but I will be there to actively listen to what you have to say and will help you to express your feelings about the issues that cause you concern. I will try to help you think clearly about any decisions you have to make and will help you explore the options available to you so you can manage problems more effectively and move forward in your life.

The Practicalities

Each session lasts for around 50 minutes and will take place at my private therapy room in St Helier town centre. This is located at 4 Wharf Street and is in easy walking distance of both the bus station and Sand Street car park.

Sessions are charged at £80 for individuals and £90 for couples. I also see families or multi generational family members together, the cost being determined by the length of session required. Sessions are payable at the time of the appointment or I can arrange to invoice you monthly should you decide to have regular sessions.

Both short term and open ended therapy is available depending on your needs. I like to be as flexible as possible to allow you to find your own personal requirement. Therefore, I do not insist on a weekly commitment or on any set number of sessions.

I am happy to discuss with you at your first session what you think would be most helpful and to offer my professional opinion as to how best to accommodate this.

I am also registered to work on behalf of many insurance providers and am happy to invoice them directly for your sessions. Often they offer time limited sessions, so it is best to be aware at the start how many sessions they will cover so that our work can be tailored to the time frame available.